The "Holy Trinity" or "Big Three" of the 1990s JDM tuner sports cars includes the third generation FD RX-7. The R34 Nissan GT-R and MKIV Toyota Supra are two of the top Japanese sports cars, and the FD is up there with them. Yet, Nissan just stopped producing the GT-R on the R35 this year, whereas Toyota continues to produce the Supra versions. We never seen an RX-7 of the FD generation. Sadder even is the fact that 27 years have passed without a new RX-7 model.

So, among the Big Three, the FD is in a sense the rarest and most prized. We still have more exposure to the GT-R platform than the RX-7, despite the R34 still being illegal to import into the United States. Why is this Mazda unique among the company's sports cars? It made a point of standing out from the competition. Nevertheless, its greatest asset also contributed to its early death.

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