Assetto Corsa: Porsche 911 (993) RWB Hellspec

Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Power: 840 bhp
Torque: 850 Nm
Weight: 1270kg
Max Speed: 300+ km/h
Made by: D1ablO


RWB, a Japanese-based Porsche tuning sensation, has taken the spotlight as the trendsetter in the realm of Outlaw Porsche 911 modifications. Akira Nakai, the visionary behind RWB, labels his provocative air-cooled Porsche Outlaws as Porsche RWBs, derived from the German term "Raum-Welt Begriff," roughly translating to Rough World Concept in English. Nakai's signature touch involves incorporating rough, riveted bodywork, creating an intentionally imperfect aesthetic that he believes adds character and soul to each vehicle.

The distinctive traits of an RWB Porsche include wide riveted fenders and the iconic RAUH-Welt window branding. However, Nakai's craftsmanship goes beyond these hallmarks, encompassing new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a wing in every build.

Fenders are available in a range of sizes, from Narrow (on the left) to Wide (on the right), although the perception of narrow often aligns with what others consider a wide fender.

Nakai's inaugural RWB project involved a Porsche 930, and he continues to utilize air-cooled Porsche 964 and 993 models as the base for his artistic transformations. The RWB Porsches stir controversy due to their extreme departure from classic air-cooled designs, with some traditionalists taking offense, while others appreciate the avant-garde creativity on display.

Each Porsche RWB receives a distinctive name chosen by Nakai, reflecting both the owner and the car itself. For instance, Nakai named his first Porsche 930 "Stella Artois" as a nod to his fondness for Stella Artois beer. A recent sighting at DRT2020 in Miami showcased an RWB named "Carolina," adorned with script down the side skirts. The significance of the reverse Carolina remains unclear, but judging by the script and colors, it suggests a connection to the University of North Carolina, possibly indicating the owner's alma mater or fandom.