Moza R5 Bundle – Long Term Review

The Moza R5 Bundle is an entry-level Direct Drive sim racing kit that provides a complete setup, including a wheel base, quick release, ES steering wheel, and 2-pedal set, to get started immediately. I've been using Moza R5 for months which I purchased by myself. You can look in my YouTube videos:

Moza Bundle arrives in a medium box containing the wheel base, steering wheel, and assembled SR-P Lite pedals. The package also includes a table clamp, power supply, and connecting cables, screws, tools manual, everything you need to set it up ASAP.

Details and mounting of the Moza R5 Bundle

Wheel Base is the heart of the MOZA R5 Bundle. It has maximum torque of 5.5  Nm torque, the fan-less base with integrated cooling is exceptionally compact, measuring 173.9 x 156.8 x 124.0 mm (L x W x H). This compact size will provide you with more freedom regarding the positioning of the wheel base in front of or below the screen. After couple months of using there is absolutely no problem with heat, noise or losing details in FFB. ForceFeedBack is clean, gives enough details, it's comparable to CSL-DD. But I still prefer Moza R5. Smoothness, details are ruling. 5,5 Nm of torque is enough but make sure you don't go over limit, when you hit clipping it's not good. Honestly it's superior experience.

The ES Steering wheel, feels nice to hold. It has steel plate on the front and lot's of buttons to use which feels like controller buttons but they are consistent and nice to press. Two metal shifters behind with solid resistance, good travel and click sound to satisfy. So far I don't have any issues, wheel is still like brand new one. Plus it comes with quick release so if you purchase another wheels you can easily switch between fast.

The SR-P Lite pedals are very smooth and functional for use at a desk. They have rubber feet + gelo pads to glue under for extra grip allowing the pedal set to stay in place without the need for screws and it does really work!

Mounting is very easy and convenient. It comes with a table clamp that enables users to mount the bundle directly on the desk without requiring additional mounting materials. The table clamp is top-damped to avoid any damage to the desk's surface. Alternatively, you can mount the bundle on a fixed rig using the four threads provided for that purpose on the base's underside, ensuring a firm connection. But I don't use rig because I don't have one.

Software MOZA Pit House is supporting most well-known sim racing titles out of the box. Plus you can setup literally everything you need to your sim racing goals. It's very simple but for most part if you aren't PRO driver you can leave it on default.

Moza R5 vs Logitech / Thrustmaster t300

Usually people are upgrading from Logitech G29/G923 and Thrustmaster t300. Significant advantage of the Moza R5 over entry-level wheels are that Moza is belt-driven wheel bases is its almost silent operation. Logitech and Thrustmaster G series are cog-driven wheels, which is often too loud to use in certain circumstances. The Moza R5 Bundle offers superior force feedback experience. It's not even comparable. It's just way better. You will be amazed by the smoothness and detail achieved, more like mindblown after using logitech or thrustmaster.

Moza R5 vs CSL-DD

Moza R5 base with wheel is the cheapest Direct Drive in market while it's better at few aspects than more expensive options like CSL DD. Moza doesn't overheat or run hot like in many cases of CSL DD. It's a lot more compact than CSL-DD. Moza is solid and very well build quality, no matter how strong you try to shake your wheel, it doesn't move. With CSL DD it feels like you can rip it off.

Pricing and availability of Moza R5

Official price on MozaRacing website is EUR €579.0 VAT excluded. Don't forget to calculate your price and shipping! Shipping delivery takes around 7 - 12 business days.
You can purchase Moza R5 bundle for best price and safely through official MozaRacing website: