Assetto Corsa Ginetta G55 GT3

The Ginetta G55 GT3, Ginetta's top GT vehicle in 2015 and 2016, broke a lot of racing rules.
The car's aggressive carbon fiber aerodynamics kit gives it a striking appearance, but appearances don't tell the whole story.
The Nissan VK43 4.35 liter, V8 engine, with a max output of nearly 570 horsepower, powers the G55 GT3.
All levels of competitors in a variety of national GT competitions may unleash the power of the Ginetta thanks to driver aids like traction control, ABS, and power steering.

Although this version was only in use for a short time before being decommissioned in 2017, we nonetheless modified it to fit Kunos GT3 vehicles since it is aesthetically fantastic. It can brake and handle like a Ginetta, but on extended courses, its straight-line speed will be slower than other GT3 vehicles.

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Made by: Shaun Clarke
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