Assetto Corsa Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Gintani F1

In order to meet obstacles head-on, Lamborghini developed the Aventador SVJ. This amazing supercar combines cutting-edge technology with extraordinary design, and the company has steadfastly refused to compromise. It will be very simple in a world where technology dominates for people to lose the actual excitement that comes from driving. Yet, in the future that Lamborghini will design, this won't be forgotten since there will always be a driver at the wheel.

Stunning design is often the result of using ultra-lightweight materials that have been optimized for optimal performance. Improved aerodynamic profiles, a completely reworked front end, wider side skirts, an omega-shaped rear wing, and lighter, higher exhaust outlets are all incorporated into the feather-light carbon-fiber chassis. Other features include the ability to reduce drag and increase speed.
The intensive use of carbon fiber is highlighted by a limited special edition that consists of just 63 examples and is known as the SVJ 63. This edition features an unusual color and finishes.

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