The new Mercedes-AMG C63 pricing, specifications, and release date are disclosed.

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 pricing, specifications, and release date are disclosed.

The all-new Mercedes-AMG C63 is now available, and this new super-saloon has some remarkable performance numbers. Read on for all the relevant information.

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 has been announced; a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine replaces the V8; the first-ever plug-in hybrid C63; 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds; 680 horsepower and 1,020 Newton-meters of torque.
The AWD system used by the AMG GT 4-door

Mercedes has sacrificed the V8 infavor of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor for the new Mercedes-AMG C63, but the BMW M3 competitor is faster than ever.

It also looks much more aggressive than the models that came before it, and it's the first C63 to have all-wheel drive.

Mercedes-AMG C63 design innovation

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 is much scarier than its predecessor, so it won't be confused with a C220d.

There are flared wheel arches, a power bulge in the hood with a central air vent, and enormous lower air intakes in the front. For the cooling system to fit, the front of the car is also much longer than a normal Mercedes C-Class.


The automobile is somewhat lowered and features side skirts for increased sportiness when viewed from the side. 19-inch wheels are standard, while 20-inch wheels are available.

The back of the car has a lip spoiler for the saloon and a roof spoiler for the estate. It also has four "externally ribbed" exhaust tips and a redesigned diffuser.

New engine Mercedes-AMG C63

Under the hood of the new Mercedes-AMG C63, the biggest change has occurred, as the previous generation's massive V8 engine has been replaced by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Fans of AMG may need some time to comprehend this information.

Its engine is based on that of the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. It makes 421 horsepower in that quick hatchback, but has been tweaked up to 476 horsepower for the C63. But there's more.

This is the first C63 to include a hybrid system, and it's not simply to increase its environmental credentials. The rear-mounted engine from the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door delivers 204 horsepower.

This results in a system output of a staggering 680 horsepower and 1,020 Newton-meters of torque. This is 170 hp more than the BMW M3 and is sufficient to propel the C63 from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds. should be sufficient to make you forget the absence of a V8 burble.

The new Mercedes-AMG C63

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 will need all that power to overcome the additional weight of the hybrid components since the sedan now weighs 2,111 kilograms. This is over 400 kg heavier than the previous vehicle.

The C63 has adjustable dampers and all-wheel drive, both of which are firsts for this model, to help it handle its weight in the corners. In normal conditions, all the power is directed to the rear, but it can send power to the front if it detects slippage.

If you desire to race your C63 on a racetrack, you need not fear. You can select rear-drive only mode, similar to the BMW M5 CS, and smoke your tires.

Mercedes-AMG C63 interior and technology updates

The inside of the new Mercedes-AMG C63 is similar to that of the standard C-Class, but there are some sporty touches that set it apart.

The most noticeable difference is the enormous AMG bucket seats that hug you firmly around corners. You also get an AMG steering wheel with dials for the drive modes and a number of unique trim options.

The huge portrait infotainment display is identical to that of the C-Class, with the addition of AMG-specific graphics. In addition, there is an AMG shortcut button at the bottom of the display that will take you directly to the driving mode selection menu.

The release date and price of the new Mercedes-AMG C63

Mercedes has yet to reveal the price of the new AMG C63, but you can bet that it will be more expensive than the previous iteration. This vehicle cost £77,000; thus, a price closer to £90,000 is probable.

Beginning in 2023, the new Mercedes-AMG C63 will be available in dealerships.