The Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a track-focused, bare-bones vehicle, is returning. This new 992-generation vehicle features numerous motorsport-inspired improvements, including as aerodynamic changes adapted from Formula 1, new suspension parts, chassis modifications, and a more potent naturally aspirated engine.
It also has a drag-reduction system (DRS) inspired by the F1 that uses hydraulic rams to open and close a wing flap to aid increase maximum speed or downforce.

The newest GT3 RS is the most potent naturally aspirated 911 with 518 horsepower available, although only by a slight margin above the GT3's 502 horsepower. So the emphasis here is not on raw power. The engineers at Porsche were much more concerned in influencing the airflow around the engine. The end result is a flagship vehicle whose performance is determined by how effectively the body moves through the environment rather than how quickly the engine consumes the atmosphere.

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