Audi RS7 C7

In a recently conducted comparative test, which the RS7 won, we referred to it as "Quattro's best work yet." The car is now even better. The Audi RS7 receives slight interior and exterior updates for 2016, similar to those that affect its stablemates, the A7 and the S7. These adjustments are even less noticeable because the RS7, which arrived here for 2014, was already the most recent of the trio.

It has redesigned headlights and taillights on the outside that resemble those on its less powered brothers. But the style of the front bumper and lower air intakes remains almost identical to the pre-face-lift models (which should please current owners). The RS7 is the most striking and possibly the most well-balanced vehicle in the series thanks to its huge 20- or 21-inch wheels and matte-aluminum interior. It does appear intimidating, however it is neither gaudy nor excessive. It reminds us of the original Audi Sportback concept, which debuted on the show circuit before the A7, thanks to its new headlight form.

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