BMW M4 Widebody

In order to save weight, the M4's engine brace, trunk lid, and roof are all comprised of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The CFRP driveshaft, a one-piece component that provides great strength while lowering spinning mass for a tighter drive with less counteractive momentum, is the true masterpiece for both. The real crown of this cornering monarch is its rear-axle subframe with solid mounts, fastened to the body without the use of bushings to ensure the tightest handling possible, and its control arms made of aluminum, which drop weight even where it isn't visible.

Two TwinPower turbos are used in this car's high-pressure, quick-response turbocharging system to give a wide plateu, and BMW's double-VANOS technology changes the camshaft timing to let higher pressure build within the cylinder for the best power output across the rev range. Before either wheel separates, the Active M Differential acts on each one using information from Dynamic Stability Control, pedal position, wheel rotation, and yaw rate. The power distribution between the wheels can be changed by an electric motor, which can also be used to reduce understeer when cornering at full load.

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