Assetto Corsa Ferrari F60 America

Ferrari marked its North American operations' 60th birthday by organizing a special celebration for its ten most loyal customers. Unfortunately, the event has already passed, and you've missed out on the opportunity. All ten of the F60 America models have been sold. So, what have you missed? Imagine taking the already outstanding and extravagant F12 Berlinetta with its V12 engine beautifully placed upfront, delivering 730 horsepower to its rear wheels, and sending it to Ferrari's bespoke workshop. The F12 was then decapitated and given a luxurious, subtle facelift. With a hefty price tag of $2.5 million (as reported by Autocar), all ten units were quickly snapped up by eager buyers before the world could even catch wind of it, leaving you with nothing but the memory of a missed opportunity.

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Made by Raffaele Ronga
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