Assetto Corsa Mazda RX 7 FD3S RE Amemiya

The RE Amemiya firm, a renowned tuner of rotary-powered automobiles known for its involvement in the Super GT and D1GP, has developed the Amemiya Boost up 7, a street vehicle. All of the aerodynamic components—front, back, side—as well as the fixed-position slim light kit—are original creations of RE Amemiya. Although RE Amemiya offers a wide range of aerodynamic components, including a GT replica kit, this specific model stands out from the rest.

Driving performance matches the distinctive exterior in terms of specs. The car still generates over 365 BHP with a maximum boost of 1 kg and a maximum torque of 274.8 lb-ft even if the turbo is kept stock and the power is only enhanced by higher boost. It is configured to provide a lot of torque at midspeed.

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