Ford Mustang GT Performance BadgeTeased in advance of the Next-Gen Model’s Launch

Ford has put a video online that shows a Mustang with a GT Performance logo on the trunk lid.

Ford has teased a new Mustang GT Performance model in a video shared on social media today. 
The 10-second movie shows a piece of luggage going into a trunk, and when the trunk lid closes, a chrome "GT Performance" emblem is revealed.
We cannot predict whether the insignia will appear on a model from the outgoing generation or the new one, but we will likely find out on September 14, when the next-generation Mustang is unveiled.

Ford has released a teaser video for the next-generation 2024 Mustang, which will be shown to the public in less than a week. The video shows a clear Mustang with a GT Performance logo on the trunk lid.

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Along with several of the company's other social media pages, the video was uploaded to Ford Performance's Facebook page. The 10-second clip begins with a piece of baggage bearing an old-fashioned Mustang logo sitting in the trunk of an automobile. When the trunk lid is closed, a chrome "GT Performance" insignia is shown. The remainder of the film discusses the new Mustang's September 14 unveiling date and the Stampede event that will precede it.

Next-Generation Mustang Seen; 2024 Model Expected
It is unclear whether a new model from the outgoing generation or the upcoming generation will wear the GT Performance badge, but we are curious. It also makes us wonder if there will be a 60th Anniversary version, since the teased badge has a typeface and chrome plating that remind us of old Ford Mustangs.

Next week, when Ford unveils the next-generation pony car, we will definitely know the answer. In the interim, we'll be on the lookout for additional hints and teases, as the upcoming week is likely to be filled with them.