BMW E92 M3 Liberty Walk

Engine: 1.5 JZ bored to 3.2 liter, Trust T88 turbo, Trust intercooler, HKS Power Flow air cleaner, EVOLEX oil, Custom exhaust system, HKS F-CON V Pro ECU

Driveline: JZA80 Supra 6-speed transmission, ATS carbon triple-disc clutch, TRD LSD

Suspension/Chassis:Racing Gear coilovers, 20kg/mm front, 16kg/mm rear spring rates, adjustable arms and knuckles

Wheels/Tires: RAYS Engineering Volk Racing TE37 18×10.5J (front), 18x11J (rear), Federal RSR 255/35R18 (front) 265/35R18 (rear)

Exterior: BN Sports hood, front bumper, side steps, rear bumper, Kazama front & rear wide fenders

Interior:Bride bucket seats, Saito Roll Cage Takamiya SPL cage, Defi gauges, Blitz SBC-R boost controller

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