A specifically designed, recently developed variation of the iconic BRABUS Widestar external idea defines the aggressive aesthetics of the brand-new BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition. This purpose-built design includes a special, all-carbon front spoiler enhanced by custom side flaps that reinvents the car's iconic face while reducing front-axle lift at its breathtakingly high speeds, resulting in immaculate handling stability. This design was created to give the SUV its extra athletic appearance as well as its hyperspace aerodynamics. The new BRABUS 900's entire aerodynamic potential is maximized at the rear by a strongly sporty, roof-mounted wing and a bespoke diffuser.

Mercedes G900 Brabus Free mod publicly released by TGN Modding
Get mod: https://modsfire.com/EXbV5cew4598l1y

Mercedes G65 AMG Free mod publicly released by Kuba LB
Get mod: https://modsfire.com/4vafK1cXhhRQE2X

Rolls Royce Cullinan
Free mod by ELEMENT1991
Get mod: https://modsfire.com/px43Se17bXwYXot

Rolls-Royce Phantom + Mansory Free mod by ELEMENT1991
Get mod: https://modsfire.com/wt6t3eBZpr6VzWM

Brabus 900 Rocket Free mod by Brucektrain

Get mod: https://modsfire.com/2s1YyBLG0w4nkoh

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