Assetto Corsa Porsche 981 Cayman BFR

Version made up by Beto FR, using Kunos' Cayman as a base:

The Cayman BFR is a hypercar based on the Porsche 981 Cayman. It has the look and aerodynamics of the last 911 GT2 RS to match the look of Porsche's sport division, as well as some new features that take its performance to a whole new level. A new package and settings make it possible to do a full lap of the Nürburgring in less than 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This makes the Cayman BFR the fastest street-legal car, beating the Aventador SVJ record by 3 seconds. The first version of the car was the same speed as SVJ, but the first revision made it a bit faster.

The Cayman BFR has a new engine, chassis, suspensions, brakes, and aerodynamic design. All of these parts were made to make the car drive better.
It is powered by the same 4.8-liter V8 biturbo engine that is in the 918 or Cayene Turbo, but it now has 765 hp (571 kW) because of changes to the turbo, exhaust system, cylinder head, and other parts, as well as new materials. It has a new seven-speed sequential gearbox that was made just for this car. This gearbox sends power to the back tires.
The Cayman BFR goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. Its top speed is around 330 km/h, which is not very fast because of the drag caused by the huge aeropackage, which produces more than 900 kg of downforce at 300 km/h.

The subframes of the chassis are almost entirely made of new carbon fiber and aluminum parts. Carbon fiber and composites are also used to make the body panels and other parts. Even though the car has a bigger engine and is wider than the Cayman GT4, it weighs about 60 kg less. As a super sport car with the engine in the middle, you have the best handling and dynamics. With a lot of entertainment and shows all at once.On the track, a car with slick tires can go faster than a GT3 car.

Note: For realistic performance that can beat the real times of the Porsche (991) GT2 RS and Aventador SVJ at Nordschleife, use semiclick tires, the stock setup, and 30 liters of fuel.

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