A super-high-performance hatchback that is both bold and opulent, the 2022 Audi RS7. Are you perplexed by the fact that something as seductive and potent as a Chevrolet Spark shares a body type with the latter? Audi, however, adds a hatch to the ends of these svelte four-doors, just like it did with the A7 and S7 models on which the RS7 is based, to increase functionality. The RS6 Avant wagon, however, is more affordable and spacious. However, the RS7’s main goals are to stand out and move quickly thanks to its broad haunches and twin-turbo V-8’s 591 horsepower. The hottest of hatchbacks never feels rowdy or raw, despite the involuntary cussing that occurs during its explosive surge and the driver’s smile that results from its sharp handling. Instead, its interior oozes wealth.

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