The new Skoda Vision 7S concept’s price, specifications, and release date are disclosed

The new Skoda 7S concept is a seven-seater electric vehicle with an aggressive exterior appearance and a futuristic interior. Read on for all the relevant information.

The Skoda Vision 7S concept, which shows what the company's future products might look like, has been shown to the public.

This new seven-seater SUV will sit at the top of Skoda's electric vehicle lineup, providing an alternative to vehicles like the forthcoming Kia EV9.

The new Skoda Vision 7S has a brand-new design language, with a Skoda logo that is spelled out on the hood.

The front fascia features a dramatic design with T-shaped headlamps, a rugged-looking bumper, and a narrow grille. Along the sides are squared-off wheel arches, big 22-inch alloy wheels, and smooth door handles.

This rugged image is carried over to the rear of the vehicle, which features a similar bumper design with vertical slats and slim LED lights. A substantial roof spoiler completes the design.

Interior design concept for the new Skoda Vision 7S

The futuristic interior of the Skoda Vision 7S concept matches its outrageous exterior. There are two possible interior configurations for the seven seats.

You have both your standard driving mode and a "relax" mode. This moves the steering wheel away from you, spins and reclines the seats, and rotates the massive 14.6-inch screen so that you and your passengers can watch a movie while the car is charging.

There are only a few dials for climate control on the center console, contributing to the general simplicity of the design. Additionally, a digital driver's display is located above the elongated steering wheel.

Conceptual batteries for the new Skoda Vision 7S

The Skoda Vision 7S is equipped with an 89 kWh battery pack, giving it a range of 373 miles. This is due in part to aerodynamic modifications such as the closed-off design of the alloy wheels and the blanked-out grille.

This design is also capable of 200kW rapid charging, allowing for a 10-80% charge in less than a quarter-hour.

The Skoda Vision 7S is a concept car right now, but it is expected to be ready for production by 2026.

As for price, it's too soon to assign a figure to this automobile. Expect it to be considerably more expensive than the existing Skoda Enyaq. Over 70,000 eur is a realistic estimate.