Assetto Corsa Koenigsegg JESKO Absolut

On March 3, 2020, the Jesko Absolut, a fast variant of the Jesko, was revealed online alongside the Gemera. With two rear fins in place of the Jesko Attack's rear wing, the drag coefficient is reduced from Cd=0.278 and downforce is reduced from 1,400 kg (3,086 lb) to 150 kg (331 lb). For high-speed stability, the rear wheels have detachable covers, the front splitter and side winglets have been removed, and the front louvers have been smoothed out. The vehicle has a rear extension that lengthens it by 85 mm (3 in). The car is also significantly longer overall. The transmission and engine are identical to those in the Jesko Attack. Aerodynamic studies took 3,000 hours, while the Absolut's design and engineering took a another 5,000 hours. Due to the research efforts put forth to reduce the drag coefficient, the Absolut will be more expensive than the Jesko.

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