Assetto Corsa Honda Civic Type R

The 2021 Honda Civic Type R is a wildly fun and utterly useful four-door hatchback despite its charmingly childish styling. The Type R is not only the fastest Honda Civic, but also one of the fastest sport compacts, thanks to its 306 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and six-speed manual transmission, which is the only gearbox offered. With chatty steering, incredible cornering grip, and a ride that is surprisingly smooth, Honda has virtually eliminated the terrible torque steer that afflicts strong front-drive automobiles. It doesn't have the most luxurious interior, and the crimson accents make the cabin look like a crime scene, but the roomy cargo compartment and reasonable back seat make it suitable for everyday use. The 2021 Civic Type R is an Editors' Choice winner and one of the most enjoyable cars to drive right now, despite a muted exhaust note and raucous highway behavior.

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