Hill climb maps are tracks that simulate the experience of racing a car up a winding, hilly road. These maps often feature a variety of challenging terrain and surface types, such as gravel, tarmac, and concrete, and can be very technical to drive due to the steep inclines and tight corners. They are a popular type of track in the game because they provide a unique and exciting challenge to players.

Download Hillclimb tracks for Assetto Corsa:

1: Akagi: https://modsfire.com/8oIt0T2J5Dr809I

2: Akina: https://modsfire.com/h275l67TZh3jrw7
3: Arona: https://modsfire.com/kaTEY36o4zmwfIO

4: Alps: https://modsfire.com/xELEGxyPfm9091P

5: Col Saint Roch: https://modsfire.com/F8vb3J8w32FylIj

6: Coste Road https://modsfire.com/TgE253VAxM8F6Xq

7: Dragon Range: https://modsfire.com/nE5bTF5rLdI8gpf

8: Ermita:

9: Glava Zete: https://modsfire.com/71N83xNvN92agGx

10: Gunsai Touge: https://modsfire.com/66BMMdiRmSwuex9

11: Happogahara: https://modsfire.com/egm340tItvj5Fdf

12: Hako: https://modsfire.com/uIKiH6Hq8V2Xjjd

13: Hradek Liptakov: https://modsfire.com/s181Q7UT9bwK6bj

14: Hondarribia: https://modsfire.com/7OkAi6otBKv4WDC

15: Irohazaka: https://modsfire.com/cUlsO5z01h1w94s

16: Joux Plane: https://modsfire.com/Z2fyMzIqwoHioiC

17: Juncalillo: https://modsfire.com/Vi8hqVGKT62j3yj

18: Krajiska Zmija: https://modsfire.com/P78jt3C3RarU0y3

19: Myogi: https://modsfire.com/Mgk7H4iv6H2P0rr

20: Moya: https://modsfire.com/3vyK1M6VOy8Y1y9

21: Monte Eric: https://modsfire.com/C9HgaXvVs5uRDh6

22: Peklo: https://modsfire.com/rT44C10mu7w19lN

23: Petersburg: https://modsfire.com/Kz22nV60NmWp7Sm

24: Pikes Peak: https://modsfire.com/t5w9VVHBE51U7qJ

25: Shomaru: https://modsfire.com/rInRr33k13FIIDr

26: Sorica: https://modsfire.com/8R9HJK6UAN1YLRW

27: SS El Cubilete: https://modsfire.com/FWem0gelNWw3Ypo

28: SS Peyregrosse: https://modsfire.com/cP89bhtoJP64840

29: The Tajo: https://modsfire.com/ec12q6hlBjm3biE

30: Usui Pass: https://modsfire.com/pHJ79BtsHIH2V6R