Bugatti Centodieci

The Centodieci maintains Bugatti's 110-year track record of outstanding design and performance while bringing back memories of the company's recent past. With the Centodieci, or 110 in Italian, Bugatti reinvented the legendary EB110, which, when it was unveiled in 1991, was regarded as the most advanced and remarkable supercar of its day. The EB110, created by Romano Artioli in Italy, served as a crucial transitional product for the 1998 refounding of Bugatti and the company's return to its French roots in Molsheim.

The Centodieci, which draws inspiration from the historical model, pushes the limits of creativity with its astonishing performance and innovative design. The Centodieci brings the EB110 smoothly into the new millennium with its contemporary take on the traditional wedge design and legendary W16 engine.

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