Assetto Corsa Shutoko Revival Project

The Assetto Corsa Shutoko Revival Project is a well-known mod that, among other things, re-implements the legendary Tokyo Circuit (or "Shutoko Circuit") into the game. An enthusiastic crew of Assetto Corsa modders worked tirelessly to build this modification so that fans of the original game can once again experience the thrill of racing on this legendary circuit.

The Shutoko Circuit first appeared in Gran Turismo, and it quickly became a fan favorite among racing game enthusiasts. It had a variety of bends and corners, including a lengthy straightaway for high-speed racing.

Assetto Corsa's Shutoko Revival Project meticulously recreates the circuit's layout and geometry to make it feel like the real thing. Several various track configurations and layouts are included in the mod as well, such as the classic Gran Turismo circuit and a newer track with more twists and turns.

The Assetto Corsa Shutoko Revival Project features not only the track itself, but also a broad variety of high-quality automobile models, both new and old. This greatly expands the mod's potential for replay by letting players compete on the Shutoko Circuit with a variety of vehicles.

The Assetto Corsa Shutoko Revival Project is, in general, an essential addition to the game for any player who values the Shutoko Circuit. It faithfully recreates the original layout of this legendary course and includes numerous alternative configurations for competitive racing. Don't miss this update if you enjoy the Shutoko Circuit.

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