Toyota Supra GR

The top speed of the A80 Supra is electronically capped at 249 km/h (155 mph). With its liftback hatch, the Supra's trunk, which is a respectable 290 liters in capacity, is made usable.

The 3.0 L variant reached 0-97 km/h (0-60 mph) with a 30 cm (1-foot) rollout in 3.8 seconds during the Car and Driver test in May 2019, which is 0.3 seconds faster than the factory said. At 182 km/h (113 mph), the 402 m (1/4 mile) time is likewise recorded in 12.3 seconds.

The final product's engine is a jointly developed version that was extensively revised, even though the B58 is an engine that was built during this partnership in response to the N55 failing to fulfill Toyota's criteria for reliability.

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