The Mercedes Maybach S650 is a lavish, extravagant, and regal version of the high-end three-pointed star manufacturer. The twin-turbo v12 engine of the Maybach S650 provides you with an unquestionably pleasant riding experience while producing 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque.

The Mercedes Maybach S650 is distinguished by its superb and sophisticated design aesthetics. The Maybach s650's appearance features a disproportionately long wheelbase and recognizable bladed wheels. The Mercedes Maybach edition's high-end badging adds even more beauty to the Mercedes Maybach s650's majestic exteriors. The Mercedes Maybach S650 also features the 2019 Panamericana grille. The Mercedes Maybach S650's interior design also has a strong affinity for Mercedes Benz's flamboyant and upscale brand presentation. Enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship of the Maybach s650 interiors, which feature superior leather stitching.

Another amazing quality of the Mercedes Maybach S650 is how roomy the interiors are. You have plenty of head and leg room in the plush rear and front cabins. The footrest and padded headrest on the completely reclined seats provide the utmost in luxury and opulence. The Maybach S650's superior ambient lighting system is complemented with the magic sky control feature, which offers the best ambiance control. You may also take full advantage of the Mercedes Maybach S650's panoramic sunroof if you're feeling outdoorsy.

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