Since more than 30 years ago, MANSORY has unquestionably represented the pinnacle of luxury automobile elegance. The firm located in Bavaria is once again advised as the first place for sporty equipment, interesting body design, and full vehicle modifications with the "MANSORY Venatus EVO," which is based on the off-road sports car Urus from the Italian sports car maker Lamborghini.

With more than 250 people, the business advertises itself as a cutting-edge automaker with a staff of highly skilled professionals. Everything is done in-house, including design, modeling, and manufacture of the very light carbon components in contemporary autoclaves.

Based on these statistics, MANSORY also "in-house" totally redesigns the Urus' aerodynamics. As a result, the wide-body design is outstanding and the aerodynamics are optimized with more downforce for improved cornering.

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