Assetto Corsa Ferrari 296 GTS 2023

The Ferrari 296 GTS is easily recognized from other Ferrari models thanks to its aerodynamic and aerodynamic design. Even though it is parked, the long and low bonnet of the car, along with its curving roofline, gives the impression that it is moving. The vehicle's design is further highlighted by the iconic Ferrari grille, quad headlights, and circular taillights that are all included on the vehicle.

The Ferrari 296 GTS comes standard with a V6 engine that has a capacity of 3.0 liters and produces 280 horsepower along with 214 pound-feet of torque combined with electric engine. The steering is precise, and the car has outstanding grip thanks to the technically advanced suspension it utilizes. The car's handling is also exceptional.

The Ferrari 296 GTS has a fantastic cabin that is equally as impressive as the outside. The interior is spacious as well as luxurious, with high-end components as well as cutting-edge technology. The dashboard of the vehicle is uncluttered and simple, and it positions all of the controls so that the driver can access them with relative ease. Additionally, the automobile includes roomy bucket seats and a large trunk.

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