The BMW M4 Competition G82 Team Schirmer is a limited edition high-performance sports vehicle that was manufactured by the German carmaker BMW. It was designed and built by the Team Schirmer racing team. Although it is based on the BMW M4 Competition G82, it has a number of distinct visual and performance upgrades. The Team Schirmer version was developed in conjunction with the German racing team Schirmer. It features a more menacing external look, enhanced handling, and a higher power output. The vehicle has a turbocharged inline-six engine that is 3.0 liters in capacity and generates 503 horsepower along with 479 pound-feet of torque. In addition, the M4 Competition G82 Team Schirmer is equipped with a variety of high-performance components, such as an improved suspension, braking system, and exhaust system. Collectors and lovers of BMW have a strong desire to get their hands on this special edition vehicle.

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