Assetto Corsa Audi RS6-R ABT

One of ABT Sportsline's signature products, the RS6-R is a variation of the RS 6 Plus Plus. The biggest VW and Audi tuner in the world, however, has such a stellar reputation that its clients view this vehicle as a production vehicle. And this clientele is more extensive than one may anticipate. The majority of the 125 cars that ABT will produce at its Kempten factory in the Bavarian state of Swabia sold out around two weeks after the formal unveiling in early April. Despite having at least 205,900 Euros (almost £185,000) in cost. As in the past, enquiries begin to pour in as soon as Audi makes a new RS 6 announcement.

The Audi RS 6 has developed a reputation as a true speed demon for all conditions over the course of its 18-year history. But more recent instances have further increased the aggressive appearance, whilst older versions adopted various fascias and broader wheel arches.

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