⭐ SRP Traffic Server ⭐

DriftFiveM - 4M Garage SRP Overload Server

- 64 Cars optimized with working wipers ( 90% )
- CTRL + D = Your Score for overtaking traffic and drifts
- Race friend or player by flashing headlights (use hazard lights to accept race)
- Leaderboard WIP (lightBulb in Chat)
- Police/race ticket system W.I.P.
- manual teleport (lightBulb in Chat)
- some cars change color (lightBulb in Chat)
- weatherFX changes

Unique AI Traffic setup:
- AI have different speeds at lanes
- AI is braking before turning (e.g from straight 140-150kmh to 80kmh on heavy turns)
- AI is changing hourly traffic to dense

More info on Discord: https://discord.gg/pqV6CzxsBC