BMW M8 Competition

In 2018, the BMW 8 Series made a comeback after nearly two decades. The 8 Series, which was created to replace the 6 Series, is sportier and more contemporary, allowing BMW to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. But since we're talking about BMW here, it's not simply an issue of competing with its rivals; it's also a matter of outperforming them when the chance arises. The BMW M8, a high-performance model that will be available in coupe and convertible body styles as well as coupe and convertible versions of the more ferocious Competition trim, has arrived to provide that "opportunity." Mid-to-late 2019 will see the start of M8 production. For the standard coupe variant, the M8 costs $133,000, while the Competition convertible model costs $155,500.

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