Assetto Corsa Mercedes A45s AMG with Real Physics

The most recent iteration of the Mercedes-AMG A45 S is a stark departure from its forerunner. Although the two vehicles may appear comparable on paper with their five-door hatchback bodies, turbocharged four-cylinder engines, and all-wheel drive, the A45 S has been engineered to cater to driving aficionados rather than being merely a speedy mode of transportation.

The car's abilities extend beyond this, and with its over four hundred horsepower, the A45 S reigns as the most dominant hot hatchback currently on the market. However, raw speed is just one element of the A45's extensive range of capabilities. Building upon the achievements of the A35, AMG has constructed one of the most impressive hot hatchbacks available today, and it has become one of our top picks.

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Made by THOMAS,Updated by 101creative, physics by: Kem_Alkemest_D_evil_live_D  
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