Assetto Corsa: BMW F82 M4 ‘Apex Nürburg’

Country: Germany
Power: 439 bhp
Torque: 577 Nm
Weight: 1490 kg
Max Speed: +280km/h
Acceleration: 3.9s 0-100
Made by: Tony Cooke


Extra Option A - Hood open (fully detailed engine bay)
Extra Option B - Left Door
Extra Option C - Right Door
Extra Option D - Door window up/down, sun blinds up/down
Extra Option E - Android Auto screen (other screen is M Perf screen)


In the heart of the racing circuit, the BMW M4 emerges as the epitome of style, potency, and precision, elevating the perpetual thrill of the track to unprecedented heights. Elevated by Apex, this M4 transcends conventional limits with the inclusion of the JRZ RS Pro 3-way suspension, a bespoke exhaust system, an interior stripped bare, adorned with Recaro seats, and secured by harnesses attached to a meticulously crafted Wiechers cage. This nimble M4, stripped of excess weight, delivers an authentic racing car ambiance, promising an exhilarating journey that caters to the appetites of power enthusiasts across all levels of expertise..